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In 1997, the Indigenous Alliance Without Borders came together as a result of persistent law enforcement abuse against indigenous peoples living in the southern United States and Mexico border region. We have since worked together inter-tribally from California to Texas to address these human rights violations that threaten the indigenous right of mobility and passage over the international border line.

Affiliated Tribes

Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development, Inc.

Indigenous Environmental Network, Bemidji, Minnesota

Coalición de Derechos Humanos, Tucson, Arizona

Tonatierra, Phoenix, Arizona

Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, Albuquerque, New Mexico





We Aim To

  • Educate about Indigenous peoples' rights and about conflicts, constructively advocate on public policy measures, and document human rights abuses;

  • Actively outreach to and coalition-build with Indigenous/non-Indigenous organizations, communities, and social justice campaigns;

  • Protect sacred sites along the border and beyond;

  • Facilitate "Know Your Rights" workshops and community forums;

  • Promote respect for and protection of Indigenous mobility rights;

Through educational teach-ins, actions, trainings, decolonial cultural projects, youth mentoring, and ceremony as collective/direct action, our advocacy addresses how Indigenous peoples can respond to issues themselves. 

Tribes Directly Affected By The Border

​Pascua Yaqui

Yaqui in Mexico

Tohono O'odham
Tohono O'odham in Mexico
Cocopah, Pima

Gila River

Akimel O'odham
Pai Pai

Lipan Apache




Mescalero Apache