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Our Mission

As a collective of Indigenous Peoples, our mission is to affirm the rights of Indigenous peoples, their right to self-determination, their collective human and civil rights, the rights of sovereignty and the protection of sacred sites, and the free unrestricted movement across international borders.

Promoting respect of Indigenous right of mobility:

The Indigenous Alliance strives to secure safe passage of Indigenous peoples, as protected under the corpus of international human rights instruments including the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Culturally-affiliated Indigenous peoples reside on either side of the border.  Indigenous peoples have equal rights to culture, spirituality, education, and family and civic engagement.

Preserving our traditional values, languages and cultures:

Our ceremonial leaders, educators, family members and relatives have the right to safe passage across borders for purposes of cultural, spiritual and ceremonial exchange. The passing on of our cultures, languages, and knowledge to our youth is impeded by our lack of mobility across borders.

Addressing insensible and insensitive United States defense and immigration policies:

These continue to disrespect Indigenous peoples' rights. The physical barrier and surveillance infrastructure along the United States and Mexico border, as well as an increased military presence harms reservation communities and Indigenous ways of life. Sacred sites are being disturbed by militarism and the construction of the border wall.